Hummingbird Heart
Sacred Medicine Church

Atlanta, GA

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Teri Jaguar Woman (Mama Jag) & Dea Isis **Falcon ** invite you to come home for Ceremony at the Hummingbird Home.Mother and daughter, they have lived their lives in service to Great Spirit working with sacred medicines. Teri Mama Jag has been working with Sacred Medicine since 2012, with Dea Isis Falcon joining her in 2015. They are dedicated to the work that they do to provide and facilitate a Safe Sacred Space for Hummingbird Sacred Medicine Ceremonies to take place.It involves a lot of smoke & mirrors, bells & whistles, songs & silence, magic & laughter, sacraments and prayer all being shared from our Hummingbird Heart ♥️

Upcoming Ceremonies-
May 24th-25th
These are 2 night weekend Ceremonies (Friday & Saturday). Our Ceremonies begin shortly after it gets dark and do not end until early morning the next day. They are held indoors and will only accommodate 6 participants.Accommodations - We do not have private room accommodations available however we allow participants to sleep during the day in your ceremony space or you can bring a tent to set up outside on our church grounds. (We do prefer that you remain on-site within the Sacred space over the course of the weekend.)Meals - We provide a brunch on Saturday & Sunday.Cost - Our Ceremonies are funded by Donation. The donation is $550.00 for the weekend. (For those who are in need of ceremony and are "truly" unable to donate, please talk to us about your situation.) There are no membership fees.To be considered to be a participant in our Sacred Medicine Ceremonies, we need you to apply for membership. Here is the link to our Private Membership Application & Assessment Form. It is important that you take the time to answer all questions thoroughly.Once your membership application has been approved, we will contact you with the information about how to make your donation to reserve your space.Address and details will be provided after we have received your donation and confirmed your registration. Our church location is approximately 1.5 hours, South West of Atlanta, GA. Details will include what to bring as well as the required preparation diet.